Member of Note

"Member of Note"

past honorees include:


Barbara McKeon, Madeline Nelson, Barbara Festa, Toby Selda, Sue Pedersen, Cyndy Gorman, Linda Costello, Sally Hausner, Laura Riffaud, Kara Dashnaw, Marianne Fulfaro


Introducing our newest "Member of Note"



Singing alongside so many amazing Island Hills Members highlights this honor. It was by a purposeful accident that I found Island Hills Chorus in 2016. I finally found a way to pair my love of singing with structure. Not having sung with a group since high schooL, my section leaders helped me to hone the craft and the desire to stay. My first Regional competition was exciting, challenging and filled with camaraderie. The costumes and choreo were new to me and I wasn’t sure I could last,but I stayed for the friendships I made and discovered personal tenacity. Vocalfest only added to my confidence. Supporting the Island Hills chorus as Chorus events coordinator, team leader and as treasurer was fun work! Whether driving a 26 ft truck for a garage sale, hauling and setting up risers, and coordinating a trip to the U.N. or securing retreat sites, I wanted  the chorus to succeed!  Humor is  always the best tool! My degree in Business Management and a career in accounting have allowed me to share those skills outside of the office with the management team and our committees. My husband Charlie and my three sons have been supportive and happy for my journey. In addition to singing I enjoy cooking, being Mrs. Fix-it and weekend trips. It’s the little things that we ALL do to make it work. Yet nothing is little about this nomination, nor is the pride I feel to be an Island Hills Chorus member.

Deborah Rode